What’s Your Fruit Type?

What’s Your Fruit Type?

Yes, a fruit can give people a glimpse into your personality.

So do you have a favorite fruit? Tell people what iit is and they will know what kind of a person you are. A little unnerving, right?

Apple – you are an extrovert who is both impulsive and short tempered. You like travelling and have an exciting love life. You make a good leader.

Banana – you are basically a gentle and sweet personn. But sometimes this borders on being submissive.

Black grapes – your politeness makes you a popular person – both at work and amongst friends.

Cherries – you are quite a recluse when it comes to expressing your feelings. You life is filled with ups and downs, but your sincerity helps you overcome all obstacles.

Pineapple – you don’t make friends easily, but when you do its for a lifetime. This also makes it difficult for you to show affection towards your parner. However when it comes to decision making, you are quick and efficient.

Mango – you can be quite opinionated especially because of your uncanny ability to observe well and predict the future. You like adventure, often bordering on being foolhardy.

Papaya – your humor makes you attractive to members of the opposite sex. You are a go getter and don’t give up easily.

Custard apple – you are overly traditional in your thoughts and a reserved person. You need an extremely intelligent partner and love it when every detail of your life has been meticulously planned out.

Pear – once you make a decision nothing can stop you. However things bore you quickly and you tend to become restless.

Orange – you are thorough and patient. But that makes you take a lot of time to finish your work. You are shy and hate conflicts. You take a lot of time to choose your partner and hate flings.

So, what fruits’ for you tomorrow for breakfast? I personally love a fruit salad!

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RemieRyan, posted this comment on Jul 28th, 2012

In fairness, the descriptions are partly true. My favorite fruits (in order) papaya, banana and mango. I love tropical fruits except for pineapple…even many people appreciates pineapples from the Philippines, I find pineapple ill-tasting.

Lisa Marie Mottert, posted this comment on Jul 31st, 2012

Very god and olrful article:) Thanks so much!

Lisa Marie Mottert, posted this comment on Jul 31st, 2012

Correction: good and colorful article.
Sorry, my keys stuck.

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